Planetary Healing Circles of Grace

David feels that what is currently happening at this time on our planet, including the chaos and dis-ease placed into many of our lives by such, is necessitating the use of Planetary Healing Circles empowered by large groups of people working in synchrony to help heal the planet. David is available to lead and set up Planetary Healing Circles of Grace and will travel to locations around the world where there are groups wanting to participate and learn to regularly perform such healing circles to help heal the planet. Planetary Healing Circles requires a minimum of 12 people including David, but hopefully would involve a much larger group of people in a larger venue to facilitate such. The process can take one to two hours, depending on the size of the group, with David first talking to the participants and answering any questions, helping to align those present, prior to them joining in circle. David is currently seeking to find a regular venue(s) to facilitate Planetary Healing Circles. So if you know of such a location, group or organization that would like to participate in a Planetary Circle of Grace to help heal this planet in its time of need, please contact David through the contact section below. Planetary Healing Circles of Grace are free to all, David only asks a donation to cover travel expenses. The ultimate vision and long term goal is to create groups all over the world that have been educated to perform Planetary Healing Circles; and then to coordinate them to be performed in real time. The synchronized performing of such Healing Circles around the world at the same time will greatly augment their potential for profound healing of our troubled world.

Circle of Grace for Individual Healing

This can be used to help anyone in need, be it for a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issue or any combination. An individual, or friend/family member on behalf of an individual, simply asks for help (contacts David to schedule) and finds a minimum of 5 people willing to assist in the Circle of Grace for the individual in need. So David plus 5 or more others will make up the circle, the individual being in the center. The whole process will take about an hour which includes David first spending time in private with the individual needing help, talking to learn about their needs to prepare the person to receive spiritual healing help from the group. Then he will spend time preparing the 5 or more people that are participating in the circle as to what will be involved, with the rest of the time being in the Circle of Grace. Those participating in the circle often may experience a sense of healing as well, by just participating. David is available to go to an individual’s home or appropriate location when necessary for this. David asks for a donation for his time and for any potential travel expenses. It is possible if David is traveling to work with a group in your area for teaching them how to do Planetary Healing Circles, that he could during this visit schedule to do healing circles for individual healing that may help to fund the free Planetary Healing Circle; as well as opportunity to further educate a group in how to set up their own Planetary Healing Circles.

Spiritual Counseling by phone

David is also available to work with individuals long distance by phone providing spiritual counseling looking at one's current restrictions long distance. He has worked as a Medical Intuitive helping people by phone in the past and is also available to help look at critical life choices from a spiritual level, determining through a double-blind method, which choice brings up more of one's light (vital life force) through assessing one's energy field. David asks for this service the equivalent of what he charges in his practice. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please go to the contact section below.