Circle of Grace

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Planetary Healing Circles

To bring together global communities -regardless of race, religious or political orientation, to join with open hearts in Planetary Healing Circles, simultaneously to help heal this troubled world. To set up self-sustained groups across the planet, educating in how to establish and participate in very specific healing circles, to use the power of many joined hearts in synchrony to help heal the anger, hate and prejudice that is  polluting the planet and destroying  the quality of life for all.

Rev David Malin, DD
offers his service from his 45 years of experience and training in the Healing Arts
David's work is holistic and always well grounded by the anatomy and physiology of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, working to increase the flow of one’s vital life force. With the Circle of Grace he draws from his vast background to lead and direct, with great detail, the flow of energy coming from and through the participants in conjunction with the flow of spiritual energy through and around the planet, to help restore this planet's vital life force.

David Malin's Background & Training 
David has worked in the Healing Arts since 1977, since his first training/certification in Polarity Therapy. He further trained and was certified in Massage Therapy and Gestalt Therapy (a dynamic form of both individual and group psychotherapy), apprenticed with a senior Osteopath and several very experienced Spiritual Healers. In 1982 he completed a BA in Biology, Psychology & Physics, followed by a second Bachelor’s Degree in 1984, receiving a BS in Physical Therapy, being licensed in Colorado as a PT since that time. Over the next 25 years David studied advanced assessment and treatment techniques from experienced practitioners from all over the world. During this time he learned to read the aura and chakras using his hands to assess. He developed his Multidimensional Approach To Healing (Body MATH), teaching seminars and publishing in professional journals worldwide and was featured on national television. Around 2005, having moved from Boulder to Colorado’s western slope, David changed his focus from traveling and teaching, attended Seminary in Utah receiving a Doctor of Divinity Degree (through the Compassionate Order of Service), and writing his book (published by Beaufort Books, NY): EMBRACING CHANGE, Transforming Life’s Challenges with Courage and Grace. He has worked as a Hospice Chaplain as well as a PT helping seniors at end of life and those with disability in rural Colorado. He now has part time practices in Ridgway and Telluride Colorado, offering his healing services to those in need. []. David's passion is to establish Planetary Healing Circles through the global community to help heal this troubled planet.

How does the Circle of Grace work?

David coined this term for creating both Individual and Planetary Healing Circles for the specific purpose to help with both individual and planetary healing, using the exponential power of a group of people to direct specific healing energy. (He acknowledges that others have used this term as well and that many churches do prayer circles, that too can be very effective.) David's use of a Circle of Grace is unique to his very extensive training, background and experience with understanding the flow of spiritual energy and vital life force.

Rev David Malin DD's healing service is trans-denominational, meaning that he accepts and works with those of all religious backgrounds and beliefs, including many that don't subscribe to any organized religion or belief, as well as those that are agnostic. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in a Circle of Grace for either individual or planetary healing, as long as they can participate with an open mind and heart to help direct the flow of spiritual energy as part of a group.  David is available to educate groups and organizations in how to set up these Circles of Grace to help with both individual and planetary healing.  He will tailor the training of such groups to the needs, beliefs and specific situation of those involved, collaborating with those in each setting to integrate and ultimately create the most effective forms of healing circles for any given group. So this is a group project of bringing both local and global communities together, learning from each other, in how to most effectively help heal those in need as well as this troubled planet. For Planetary Healing Circles, once many are established, a mechanism will be put in place to allow them to be performed in synchrony, at the same time, to greatly magnify the power of many global communities coming together to heal the planet. 

Planetary Healing Circles of Grace

David feels that what is currently happening at this time on our planet, including the chaos and dis-ease placed into many of our lives by such, is necessitating the use of Planetary Healing Circles empowered by large groups of people working in synchrony to help heal the planet. David is available to lead and set up Planetary Healing Circles of Grace and will travel to locations around the world where there are groups wanting to participate and learn to regularly perform such healing circles to help heal the planet. Planetary Healing Circles requires a minimum of 12 people including David, but hopefully would involve a much larger group of people in a larger venue to facilitate such. The process can take one to two hours, depending on the size of the group, with David first talking to the participants and answering any questions, helping to align those present, prior to them joining in circle. David is currently seeking to find a regular venue(s) to facilitate Planetary Healing Circles. So if you know of such a location, group or organization that would like to participate in a Planetary Circle of Grace to help heal this planet in its time of need, please contact David through the contact section below. Planetary Healing Circles of Grace are free to all, David only asks a donation to cover travel expenses. The ultimate vision and long term goal is to create groups all over the world that have been educated to perform Planetary Healing Circles; and then to coordinate them to be performed in real time. The synchronized performing of such Healing Circles around the world at the same time will greatly augment their potential for profound healing of our troubled world.

Circle of Grace for Individual Healing

This can be used to help anyone in need, be it for a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issue or any combination. An individual, or friend/family member on behalf of an individual, simply asks for help (contacts David to schedule) and finds a minimum of 5 people willing to assist in the Circle of Grace for the individual in need. So David plus 5 or more others will make up the circle, the individual being in the center. The whole process will take about an hour which includes David first spending time in private with the individual needing help, talking to learn about their needs to prepare the person to receive spiritual healing help from the group. Then he will spend time preparing the 5 or more people that are participating in the circle as to what will be involved, with the rest of the time being in the Circle of Grace. Those participating in the circle often may experience a sense of healing as well, by just participating. David is available to go to an individual’s home or appropriate location when necessary for this. David asks for a donation for his time and for any potential travel expenses. It is possible if David is traveling to work with a group in your area for teaching them how to do Planetary Healing Circles, that he could during this visit schedule to do healing circles for individual healing that may help to fund the free Planetary Healing Circle; as well as opportunity to further educate a group in how to set up their own Planetary Healing Circles.

Spiritual Counseling by phone

David is also available to work with individuals long distance by phone providing spiritual counseling looking at one's current restrictions long distance. He has worked as a Medical Intuitive helping people by phone in the past and is also available to help look at critical life choices from a spiritual level, determining through a double-blind method, which choice brings up more of one's light (vital life force) through assessing one's energy field. David asks for this service the equivalent of what he charges in his practice. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please go to the contact section below.

please email David for more information or to schedule